ROX-Shoot is a simple wrapper around scrot, providing non–command-line access and, most importantly, a ROX savebox.

While the program itself doesn't lend itself to screenshots (it's interface consists of a savebox, after all!), I do have some screenshots available for all and sundry to see, some taken with import, some taken with scrot directly, and some (the recent ones!) taken with ROX-Shoot.

ROX-Shoot is public domain—after all, GPLing a wrapper is going a bit extreme. Some parts of ROX-Shoot may be covered by the GPL, however, as it started its life out as the Archive program. Basically, I have decided not to copyright anything I wrote in it, but I can't uncopyright any of the original Archive source.

ROX-Shoot requires ROX-Lib2 from the ROX Desktop, a version of PyGTK that supports GTK2 (i.e. 1.9+), GTK2, Python 2 and scrot to work. You'll probably be wanting to run ROX-Filer before you want to use ROX-Shoot, so you've probably got that stuff already installed.

Download ROX-Shoot 1. Bug reports can be emailed to me at kesuari at Note that this is my first Python program so it should be riddled with bugs. It's also my first ROX app, so it should be riddled with bugs. If you know of any, email me an update.