Proto-Germanic Inflexions

These pages are the Proto-Germanic Inflexions. Or reconstructions thereof. I have both nouns and verbs available so far. I intend at some stage to put up other stuff: adjectives, pronouns and so forth. But seeing as I have a horrible timetable of 25 hours this semester, this may take some time.

These mostly come from the reconstructions provided in Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language, available online as .png files.

I may have made some errors in my transcriptions. Please email any corrections to kesuari at At this stage, very little background information is provided. If you want some, take a look at Wright's Grammar.

Obviously, anything from Proto-Germanic is a reconstruction, but for conciseness, I've generally skipped the traditional asterisk. The yogh (ȝ) and dashed-b from the Grammar are transcribed here as *g and *b, but macrons are still used above long vowels, so a unicode font and recent browser are necessary.

Note that though Proto-Germanic may have had an instrumental case, it is not shown in Gothic and so I only have it for one declension (masc. ja-stems). Further information is welcome!

Note that Peter Petersson's page on the Old Norse Language has some information on Proto-Germanic, but as it's not his primary concern, it's poorly formatted. My tables are different from his, I think, so one of us may be wrong. Or Old Norse may have taken the instrumental in some cases, which I mostly lack...